My favorite “raw” sites…

I am just a beginner in the “raw” eating world.  It takes a lot of “re-programming” and “re-education” to get on the right track to truly healthy eating.  Even if you fancy yourself as a healthy eater (which I did at one point) you most likely are not.  I’m sorry, it’s the cold, hard truth.  And when you start researching these sites you will know what I mean!  But, I have found some great resources that will make it easy for you to transition.  Here are my favs…

Friends shared these sites with me, and so I pass them on to you.  Exploring these sites will keep you plenty busy!  There is a treasure trove of information.  I like all these sites and their authors because they keep it simple and “do-able”.  As I find more amazing sites, I will post them.  Also, if you know of any sites, I’d love to hear from you. Just post it in the comments.  Enjoy!


Things they are a changin’…

As you can imagine since my husband’s cancer diagnosis, our lives have changed radically. In fact, our lives will never be the same again.  We are still exploring our “new normal”.  One thing that has change dramatically is our diet.  As soon as we found out that my husband had cancer I knew that we’d have to change our eating habits.  This sort of thing is pretty common when one finds out they have a chronic disease.  But, you’d be surprised at how many people do not get the “wake up call” to change their eating even after facing a life threatening disease.  Right away, my husband stopped drinking soda.  He stopped eating late at night. He stopped eating junk in general.  In lieu of all that junk, he starting eating a lot more raw vegis, drinking primarily water and eating whole grains, instead of processed white flour.  We also began to eat a plant based, vegan diet.  Amazingly enough, the acid reflux that he used to experience went away and we both started feeling better, in general.  Although we are not perfect when it comes to this way of eating, overall, our diet has undergone a huge transformation.  I don’t consider myself a “foodie” and I don’t really enjoy cooking. 

So, learning to cook in a vegan fashion has been a huge challenge! Just finding “normal” meals was a huge challenge, now I had to think of foods that were animal-free, dairy free, soy free, high in vegetables and high in whole grains.  Not an easy task!  So you can understand why I was overwhelmed!  I started searching the internet for recipe ideas.  I found a few but I needed more help.   One day I was cleaning up around the house and stumbled upon a book that a friend of ours had given us shortly after Bobby was diagnosised.  The book was, The Ultimate Ph Solution, by Michelle Schoffro Cook.   This book saved my life!  It took me about 2 days to read all the way through it and I shortly ordered another book by Michelle called The Life Force Diet.  If you are desiring to change your eating habits, I highly recommend reading these books.  Since then I have found other sites that are so helpful.  My most recent find is  It is an amazing site and has so many resources for raw, whole foods eating!  I cold spend hours exploring the greensmoothiegirl’s site!

Learning to cook, bake, eat raw is a huge pardigm shift. It will take time for me to totally shift my family to this way of eating.  Trying to find recipes is a challenge.  So, as I find good recipes, I will post them here.  Also, if you have any recipes, I’d appreciate you posting them in the comments!  Happy “clean eating”!

Catching Up…

I haven’t blogged in so long that I am not even sure how many of you are still reading my blog, probably none since I haven’t regularly posted in several months. A lot has changed in my life over the last several months and I should probably get you caught up. Back in November of 2009 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It was devastating to say the least. He has a sarcoma tumor. Just to let you know how rare his kind of cancer is: sarcoma’s make up about 1% of all cancers; yes rare. And my husband’s type of sarcoma is extremely rare for it’s type. I could write a book about everything we’ve gone through in the last few months, but instead I’ll direct you to my husband’s blog where he has shared regular posts documenting his fight against “the alien” as I call it.  If you look in the archives of his blog and go back to October, you can read every post and get caught up pretty easily.  Long story short, my husband is about to have the tumor removed. May 6th to be exact.  The very fact that his tumor is operable is a miracle! He’s gone through 7 rounds of chemo in order to shrink the tumor.  The chemo has been very hard on his body.  But he is getting his strength back and resting up before surgery.  There’s so much I could say, but this is just a “catching up” post.  In the next few weeks, I’ll try to write some more in depth posts about everything we’ve gone through.  As you know, we are Christians, believers and followers of Jesus Christ.  From the very beginning of this nightmare, the LORD has been with us.  He has been our sustainer, friend, comforter, healer…basically, our everything.  He has worked miracles for us!  And He continues to show His mercy to us in this horrible trial.  One of my posts will be to share with you all the many answers to pray that we have experienced!  One verse that comes to my mind on a regular basis is, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will make your paths straight.”  I love that verse.  It calms me down when I am feeling anxious.  It comforts me.  It give me hope.  Isn’t that what we all want? What all need?  We all need a Saviour…THE Saviour!  Thanks for reading my blog!  Stay tuned for more posts!  Blessings to you all!

O Holy Night, by Celine Dion

Celine Dion’s version of O Holy Night gives me chills! Amazing!  Enjoy…

October 31st, Reformation Day

For those of us in the Evangelical tradition, we don’t hear much of Martin Luther or the Reformation.  But, in our family we are teaching our kidsMartin Luther about the significance of the Reformation and Martin Luther and it’s vital importance to who we are as Christians.  October 31st (Reformation Day) marks the day that Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the doors of the Whittenburg Church(1517).Our daughter attended a Lutheran school for Kindergarten and first grade.  While there, she was exposed to Luther while attending there and for that we are grateful!  Currently my husband is teaching both our children about Luther and the importance of the Reformation.  We think it is vital for Christians to understand Christian history and how it is important to us today!  Without Luther and the other reformers we may still be paying indulgences to the Catholic Church!

If you want to teach your children about Luther, there is a great book that my daughter’s teacher read to them.  It is titled “Martin Luther, A Man Who Changed the World” and is written by Paul Maier.  There is also an amazing movie which depicts Martin’s struggles to bring change to the Catholic church called “Luther” (I would not recommend this for small children, you may want to review it before allowing your children to view it.)  Enjoy!  And remember, October 31st is about so much more than costumes and candy!

The Lost Get Found, by Britt Nicole

I LOVE this acoustic version of The Lost Get Found, by Britt Nicole. Enjoy!

My Redeemer Lives, by Nicole C Mullen

This song gives me chills! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the mess that is going on in this world, but when I hear this song I am reminded that Jesus lives and that is our hope!!! Enjoy!

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth; and after my skin is destroyed, this I know, that in my flesh I shall see God, Whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall behold, and not another. How my heart yearns within me!” – Job Job 19:25-27