I found this website after a friend told me about a supplement that she used to help her family feel better when they had the stomach flu, or suffered from other GI problems. The supplement is called “Tummy tuneup”. At first I couldn’t believe that there was something that would take away nausea or help my kids feel better when they had the stomach flu. My friend assured me that it indeed worked! It is a blend of 8 “friendly bacteria” (or probiotics) which work against the unfriendly bacteria that make us sick! So, I went to the beeyoutiful website and ordered a bottle of Tummy Tuneup. Shortly after recieving it my daughter complained of feeling nauseated. So, I dissolved one capsule in some warm tea. She drank it and within an hour she felt fine! It really does work! So check out their site and read about Tummy Tuneup. They also have other great products! This is a summary taken from www.beeyoutiful.com : “Tummy TuneUp is a combination of 8 different species of beneficial bacteria designed to support gastrointestinal health and immune system function. FOS is also included in this product to assist healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms. Because this capsule is enteric coated, Tummy TuneUp delivers its microflora directly to the intestine bypassing the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach. Tummy TuneUp is stable at room temperature, requiring no refrigeration.”