The fact that I am a Christian and was raised in a Christian home is a work of God, to say the least! My dad was raised in a large Catholic family. To say that his family was dysfunctional is an understatement! My mom was raised in an abusive and alcoholic family and was given up for adoption at the age of 12. She was neglected by her biological parents and her adoptive family was also extremely dysfunctional, to say the very least! My parents met in high school and both were saved soon after meeting. They married very young; my mom was 18 and my dad was 21. They began their family soon after marriage. Although they had almost no good role models for how to raise children, they did an excellent job! My brother and I were raised in a stable, Christian home. We were taught to love and obey our parents and the Lord! And despite no support from their own families my parents did an outstanding job in raising my brother and I!

This is where my personal testimony begins. Like a lot of kids that are raised in Christian homes I sort of took for granted my relationship with the Lord. I accepted the Lord when I was 6 and attended Christian school. It was not until I was in college that I made my commitment to the Lord my very own. I went to Multnomah Bible College right out of high school and attended for two years before taking a year off. During that year off, I drifted from the Lord. I lived a luke warm life. I rebelled against the training of my parents and lived for myself. After a series of very poor decisions on my part, the Lord woke me up and I came back to Lord with my “tail between my legs” so to speak! I moved back into my parents home, and they graciously accepted me back!

During the next few months the Lord worked another miracle by allowing me to go on a short term mission trip to France! It was perfect for me as I was studying french and had a strong desire to see France and serve the Lord! So, off to France I went with a team from Master’s College. While there the Lord used the trip to open my eyes to the desperate need that Muslims have for the saving grace of Jesus Christ! While on the plane flight back to the States, I felt strongly that the Lord was leading me back to Multnomah. But this time I had a clear vision of what the Lord wanted me to do at Multnomah, He wanted me to study his Word with a deeper conviction and with a goal of going to the mission field. So, I returned to Multnomah a few months later. And to make a long story short, I met my awesome husband, Bobby! And the rest is history! I still have a strong heart for missions and who knows how the Lord will use it in the future, my husband and I are always open to the Lord for whatever he has for us and for where ever He may lead us! I give God the glory as he saved me from myself and put my feet upon a Rock! Thanks for reading this rather long winded post! Blessings!