OK, Gojira, you’re not the only one who goes out and about! Don’t worry, I’m stealing this ritual from you…it’s just that I’ve been reading some interesting stuff and wanted to share…here goes!

OK, this is an interesting testimony of a recovering anorexic/bulimic sister in Christ. Found it over at Solo Femininity.

Also, please remember to pray for Amy as she battles leukemia. My heart is heavy for this woman and her family.

Here’s an interesting article of a man who went from gay to straight, praise the Lord!

Doug Eaton gives some interesting and informative information about the main tenets of Islam in a radio show that he was recently on! thanks for this refresher, Doug!

And of course, my husband’s blog is always interesting!

Thanks Gojira for letting me borrow your little ritual!

Blessings! to all!