A dear friend of mine and a woman I deeply admire once told me this true story…

Muriel (my friend) was a young wife who had just moved China with her new husband. Muriel and her husband were missionaries in China. As a missionary wife spent her time running a hospitality house while her husband spent most of his time out in the villages evangelizing. Although she loved entertaining and serving others, she was often lonely as her husband spent many days and nights in the distant villages of the surrounding countryside.

On a cold, rainy day Muriel was feeling especially lonely and enjoying a pity party; herself being the only guest. As she was lamenting her loneliness and feeling the pangs of homesickness, she heard a solid knock on the door. She went to answer it. To her surprise it was a middle-aged, European woman. To be quite honest it had been quite awhile since she had seen a white person other than the other missionaries who lived around them. The woman wore a bulky wool coat with an ample fur collar. The woman looked very out of place in this land of China. But, Muriel welcomed the strange woman, as it was her job to offer hospitality to passers by.

After Muriel brought the woman in from the rain and got her settled in, the woman asked Muriel as the where abouts of the men of the mission. The woman wanted to help with the ministry of the mission; possibly staying on awhile. Muriel informed her that most of the men had gone into the villages to survey the area and evangelize. She also told her that the men would not be back for about one week. (The men made the major decisions concerning the mission, so this meant that the woman would have to wait around for the men to return).

The strange woman was very kind and patient. She was gentle, but strong in character. Muriel spent the next few days driving the woman around the city and and getting to know her. Soon, Muriel noticed that the woman was ministering more to her, than the other way around. The pity party that Muriel had been enjoying faded away and she realized how silly she had been; especially in light of the stories that this woman related to her! The story of this woman’s life thus far was amazing and a testament to God’s grace! Muriel started to wonder, “is this woman an angel, sent from God, to minister to me?”

You are probably starting to wonder as well, huh? Well, this is a true story and the woman that Muriel encountered during that time is an amazing woman that we’ve all heard of! Do you think you know who it is? One hint, Muriel is now in her mid to late 70’s. She was in her early twenties when she met this woman! Well, in a few days, I’ll reveal who it was that visited Muriel during those fateful days! Stay tuned…