When we think of terrorism the first image that comes to mind is the male Arab.  We think of the angry, vilolent man who wields his anger by hurting innocent people in the name of his radical religion or political beliefs. But it seems that stereotype is changing.  Ever increasingly women are turning to terrorism.  Actually this isn’t a new development, over the years women have been committing terrorist acts all over the world. 

When  a woman commits an act of terrorism the first question many people ask is why?  Instead of focusing on the damage that she inflicted, we are quick to engage in psychoanalyzation of the woman and what would cause her to hurt others.  We assume that she was forced into such an act or we assume that she is mentally unstable or desparate.  This is the exact reason that many terrorist groups use women in their viloent agendas.  It is shocking to hear of a woman strapping a bomb to her body and blowing up innocent people.  Afterall women are tradionally the nuturing sex.  Women are supposed to give life, not take it.  Women are seen to be gentle and loving, not prone to violence and the protector of life and family.  Or is she

There are many reasons that women turn to terrorism and many reasons that terrorits groups utilized women in their attacks.  One reason that women are used in terror attacks is that they are often not searched at checkpoints or airports as they are seen as harmless.  Also, officials are often reluctant to search Muslim women because of the sensitivities of Muslim women to decency and modesty.   Officials don’t want to be seen as being politically incorrect, by strip searching a Muslim woman! 

There remain a myriad of reasons that a woman would engage in terrorist activities, but whatever the reasons, it is clear that the Enemy is alive and well and working in whatever way he can to destroy lives.   I have highlighted many interesting articles that give some interesting views regarding this issue.  I encourge you to read these as they do a much better job at exploring the issues than I have done!  Thanks for reading.