I’ve been debating in my head whether or not to share this story or not; but I guess I am going to share it because I feel like more of us bloggers need to be transparent.  Here goes…

Yesterday morning we arrived at church, dropped the kids off at their Sunday school classes and found our spots in the sanctuary.  After some preliminary intro music, the worship abruptly started. 

Now, what I am about to share is most definitely one of my top 10 pet peeves!  As we started singing the very first song, two ladies next to us started talking!  And they were not trying to be quiet.  They yakked for what seemed an eternity; but it was probably more like one 1 or 2 minutes.  Well, this really gets on my nerves!  My husband and I have discussed how we cannot stand it when people talk during worship or even during the sermon ( and for some reason it always happens around us, and at this church in particular).  Can’t they wait 45 minutes and say what they have to say after the service?  Is it so life shattering that they must distract others around them by talking back and forth?  Well, as you can imagine I was totally bugged!  As it was church and I was trying to worship I tried very hard to ignore it and continue to focus on the Lord.  Well, it just didn’t work.  Next thing I know, the woman next to me asks if I can scoot over so that her friend can squeeze in?  This wouldn’t normally bother me, but she asked while I was trying to worship the Lord (my eyes were even closed in an effort to concentrate).  Well, next thing I know, I am pretty darn peeved!   But before doing that, I sort of grunt out a “yes” to her as we scoot down.  I may have even shot her annoyed glance.  Well, I managed to sin right in the middle of worship!  I am not sure if this is “righteous anger” but I ask the Lord for forgivness anyway.  I immediately felt convicted.  How could I have let them bug me so much that I sinned? 

I guess I am telling you this, so that next time you feel self-righteous; maybe you should check your heart and make sure that it is right before the Lord.  Oh,  and don’t ever, ever talk around me in church!  I may just bite your head off!  🙂  Thanks for reading!