Here’s a funny story that came to mind the other day while I was organizing our book shelf…

A few years ago Bobby’s mom, Bev, came to visit us.  On Sunday morning she needed to borrow a bible.  Here’s how the converstation went…

Bev:  Hey Bob can I borrow a bible from you?

Bobby:  Sure, what translation? NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB?

Bev: NIV.

Bobby: OK, what color? Black, brown, green, red or pink?

Bev:  Black.  (now she’s starting to wonder…)

Bobby:  OK, large print or regular print?

Bev:  (laughing)  I just wanted to borrow a Bible…how many bibles do you have? 

Well, as you can probably tell by this conversation that Bobby is a bible coniseur.  We have so many Bibles they are coming out our ears!  Occasionally Bobby will give one or two away to a friend or aquaintance who doesn’t have one.  I’m sure Bobby knows how many we have…but if you are ever visit us and need to borrow a bible, remember that you may get more than you bargained for!  Thanks for reading!