Well, I thought we should move on from Bonhoeffer…so, here’s another re-post!

It is undeniable that Oprah has a huge following in the United States and the World! She is well aware that her main audience is women, namely, middle class stay-at-home moms. Her shows are entertaining, to say the least! She offers a variety of subjects that women find appealing…fashion shows, celebrity interviews, book clubs, cooking shows (featuring hot new chefs like Rachael Ray) and heart tugging shows which uncover sexual abuse, raise awareness of African orphans and seek to catch America’s most wanted sexual predators. It is undeniable that Oprah has done some good things through the medium of television.

One thing that Oprah has succeeded in is to create her own brand of spirituality. She often talks about Jesus, church and throws in an “amen” or two. There are also threads of naturalism, humanism, and relativism running through her well spoken “sermons”. She often uses her show as an opportunity to bestow her wisdom upon her viewers. She often speaks as if she has found the secret to inner peace and happiness and is happy to let us in on the secret! The audience hangs on her every word and her audience at home is soaking it up, whether or not they are aware of it or not! She often invites her pet experts on to the show to back up her own “expertise”…it is sad to see real people who are going through real crisis and pain, be subjected to “advice” that will not answer there true spiritual needs! Oprah’s favorite Rx is to encourage her guests (and indirectly, her audience) to look inward and focus on fixing the deep pain within by drawing upon their own inner ability to heal themselves. She went through a phase where guest Dr Phil would shrink heads with his brand of behaviorism…his favorite piece of “psychobabble” is “fake it till you make it.” (but that’s another subject).

Yes, Oprah has done some good, in the temporal sense. But in the eternal sense, she is failing miserably. She is offering an empty cure to a very real and painful problem! Maybe I am giving Oprah too much credit…but I don’t think so! She represents our society very well! This is not Oprah-bashing. Oprah is very intelligent, passionate, charming and well-spoken. I am also not encouraging Christian isolationism. Go ahead, watch the Oprah show. But watch with a critical eye and heart. Watch through the lens of the Word. Christians, need to be keenly aware of the influences that are seeking to tweak our thinking. It saddens me to think of all the hurting people out there in TV land who hang on her every word, and seek to find the “peace” that she seems to have found. No matter who we listen to, let us remember that our thinking must be conformed to the Bible! Let us keep our eyes and ears tuned into Jesus! It is so easy to be swayed by the World’s smooth words. Only Christ can truly satisfy and save the human soul from its jail of darkness. See Eph 4:14, Eph 5:6-17, John 17:14-19 and Romans 12:2.