OK, things have been kind of tense around here, I’m still recovering from the whole Bonhoeffer thread, gee I had no idea Bonhoeffer was such a controversial figure! 

So, I’ve decided to open my own marriage counseling business.  Yes, I’m sure you are all surprised at this!  I know most people don’t start counseling marriages after only 7 1/2 years of marriage, but I have decided to give it a try! 

My method you ask?  Well, it is fool proof!  First, the couple must agree to watch every episode of  every season of Everyone Loves Raymond, then if they still want to get married…I say, “More power to ya!”  LOLOLOLOLOLOL!  I send them off to live happily ever after and say, “good luck”, and they have no excuses about how they had no idea what marriage would be like, cause that show is about as realistic as it gets!  LOLOL!

OK, not my best post, but I had to lighten things up around here!  Thanks for reading!