Now that flu and cold season is just around the corner I thought I would take this opportunity to share with my readers a product that I discovered about a year ago.  A friend of mine told me about a “miracle cure” for stomach and GI discomfort and I had to try it!  It is called Tummy Tuneup and it is amazing!  Tummy tuneup is found at Beeyoutiful.  It is a blend of probiotics (friendly bacteria) that can be taken to ease nausea and stomach upset.   Last winter my daughter had an episode where she was feeling very nauseous.  I gave her one Tummy tuneup, dissolved in tea, and about one hour later she felt much better!  Throughout the last year our family has taken Tummy tuneup for stomach problems and it has never failed to work!  So, if you are interested go to and order Tummy Tuneup (original blend). 

Also available at is a multivitamin called “Super Mom”.  I started taking this vitamin last winter when I couldn’t shake a cold.  Supermom is a blend of vitamins and minerals, green tea, spiralina and chlorela.  The chlorela works to cleanse the body of heavy metals; because of the cleansing effect you need to sort of work up to the full dose.  When I started taking this vitamin I felt more energetic and my sweet tooth even diminished!  My nails and hair were healthier also!  They have this vitamin in a “Super Dad” version (which is lower in iron) and also a Super Kid version.  So, go to and check it out!  Thanks for reading.