This Meme is a coin meme…I guess I am supposed to pull 10 coins out of my purse and tell something about my life for each year of the 10 coins.  If that makes any sense.  Kristine tagged me from her blog Justified! I am a little overwhelmed with unpacking from our move and could use a distraction so here’s goes!

1975 I was one year old and my older brother, Doug, is 3! Obviously I can’t remember much of my first year of life! But God blessed me by giving me generous, loving Christian parents!  Although they both came from totally dysfunctional homes, they succeeded in giving my brother and I an amazing childhood! 

1978 I am now 4 years old! Our family now lives in a duplex, but my parents will soon build their first home in Washington state.  My dad built it by himself! And we will live there until I go off to college!

1979 My mom may correct me on this, but I started preschool this year!  I am now 5 years old. I have good memories of preschool.  I had a little boyfriend, can’t remember his name though!  🙂

1981 OK, I am now 7 years old and in second grade at a christian school.  I remember this was the year I had my first slumber party! It was for my birthday.  Me and my girlfriends could hardly wait to get out of school that day!  It was pretty fun!

1988 Now we jump to 8th grade. I was a typical junior high girl.  Obsessed with clothes, boys and my hair!  I attended the same christian school from preschool-9th grade (minus 3-4th grade).  The school still exists in Olympia,Washington and a good friend is now the vice principal! 

1992 “We are strong, we are few, we’re the class of “92”, yep this is the year I graduated from high-school. I attended a public high-school, and had a very positive experience.  I think I owe that to involvement in a very strong and tight knit youth group at the church I grew up at.  I didn’t really rebel in high school (that came later, unfortunately).  I went straight to Multnomah Bible College from high school.

1998 It has been about a year since I returned to Multnomah Bible College after a year long break from school.  I had gone through a rebellious time and walked away from the Lord.  He brought me back to himself after showing me how feeble and empty I am without him!  Praise goes to him!   I will soon meet my husband…February of 1999!

2002  My husband, Bobby, and I have been married for 2 years!  We also have already had our first child, our daughter, who is 1 year old!  We didn’t waste any time getting started on our family.  Bobby is starting his Master’s Degree at Multnomah and we are living in Multnomah’s Married Student Apts. 

2004 We are now a family of four!  Our son was born in 2003 and is now 1 year old.  We have just come out of a very trying time.  After Bobby graduated from Multnomah with his MA nothing went the way we had planned.  We ended up living with Bobby’s family for almost year during which time Bobby was unemployed for 4 months.  The Lord sort of “grew me up” during that time and although it was sometimes very dark, I now look back and see how God was teaching me through it.

2005 We are living in a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  I, however, start having some health problems.  It took a series of 4 doctors and one year to finally figure out that I needed my gallbladder removed.  Knowing that surgery is no fun (as I had 2 c-sections), I am not looking forward to another surgery.  But, it is apparent that it is necessary.  So, I go under the knife.  The recovery proves to be more difficult than I anticipated, but after about 2 weeks I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  Once again, God proves that he IS FAITHFUL!  I guess that is theme I see woven throughout my life, from beginning to the present…God’s faithfulness never fails!

OK, I think I’ll tag my friends Beth, Brooke and Corry and Scribe and my hubby!  Ha! Ha! Have fun!  😉