With rush of Halloween and the excitement of the harvest season (And Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner) a very important and pivotal anniversary often gets overlooked by us protestants.   Just in case you didn’t know, 490 years ago, on October 31st, Martin Luther initiated what we refer to as the Protestant Reformation.  Our daughter goes to a Lutheran School and so she has been focusing on the Reformation this month; which her dad and I love!  (if fact the other day I overheard our kids playing “Martin Luther”, pretty cute!).  So, this Halloween, instead of focusing on costumes and candy, maybe you could teach your children about how some very brave men and women stood up to the Catholic church and brought needed change and reform to the Church.  OK, I’ll admit that the reformers weren’t perfect, but what they accomplished is something that we can be thankful for today!  Click!

*If you want to see a good movie that portrays Luther’s struggle to bring needed change to the church, I suggest seeing “Luther”.