Lastnight my kids, ages 4 and 7, were coloring with markers at the kitchen table.  I was busy cleaning up the house.  Soon, I discovered that my son had colored all over his hands.  So, naturally I scolded him for coloring on his hands.  Feeling the weight of guilt, my daughter confessed that she also had colored on her hands.  I told her to never to do that again.  My daughter’s response was, “but mommy the Devil told me to do it”, in her little innocent voice.  Although I wanted to bust out laughing, I kept a straight face and explained to her that the Devil doesn’t make us do anything.  She responded, “but mommy, the Devil tempts us.”  I said yes, but we can’t blame the Devil for our sin, we need to take responsibility for our sin and confess it to the Lord.    Just a little sample of the kinds of conversations that go on in our home!  Thanks for reading!  🙂