Last night my husband and I watched, Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce and his quest to abolish England’s involvement in the slavetrade.  Although he suffered from physical illness (colitis, a GI illness) he nonetheless worked stubbornly to pass the bill which would eventually bring England’s involvement in the slave trade to an end.  Wilberforce was an a devoted Christian and was influenced by John Newton’s song, Amazing Grace.  John Newton, was a former captain of a slave ship and wrote, Amazing Grace, which is a beautiful confession of man’s great sin, and Christ’s greater grace! 

After watching this movie, I was convicted by the life of Wilberforce.  He was plagued by illness, but he didn’t waver in his convictions.  He could have bowed to the opposition, but he stood up against it and took action.  His faith in God was the sustaining power that he drew from.  Sometimes I feel like I am wasting my life.  I ask myself, “what am I doing to change the world?”  Immediately, I hear the Lord’s voice.  He assures me that he has me
right where he wants me.  My commission is to support my husband and children; to raise children who will serve the Lord in this dark world.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem as noble as fighting to abolish slavery, but in my heart I know it is just as important.  I’m sure that Wilberforce didn’t feel so glamorous in his fight, but today we look back and revere him as a hero.  Although no one will laud me as being an exceptional mother and wife, there will be no statues of me, and I certainly won’t be buried in a large cathedral;  I know that God is doing something through me and I pray that I can be faithful to the cause!  Thanks for reading!