What do you think is the number one cause of death in the United States? Cancer? Heart disease? Nope, abortion. The most dangerous place in America is a mother’s womb. I’ve heard that phrase before, but somehow it is taking on a new and grievous meaning. Every 20 seconds a baby dies in America due to abortion. Think about that. A precious baby dies every 20 seconds. Why? Well here’s some reasons women give for “choosing” abortion. Many women say that having a baby would complicate work, school or other responsibilities; or that they cannot afford to have a child. Some say that they do not want to be a single parent, and a very small amount of women say that they became pregnant from incest or rape.

I was sobered by this statistic and the reasons given for ending a human life. Statics can sometimes be bland, dry or even boring; depending on what the statistics are regarding. But no one can deny the disturbing nature of these stats. Here’s some more sad statistics regarding abortion in our country.

More than three million unintended pregnancies occur every year in the United States. Since 1973, there have been over 42,000,000 abortions in the United States – on average, that’s 1,400,000 babies every year, 27,000 babies every week, 3,800 babies every day, 160 babies every hour, 3 babies every minute, 1 baby every 20 seconds.

Abortion is the #1 cause of death annually in the United States – more than heart disease and cancer deaths combined. More than stroke, lung disease, accidents, pneumonia, suicide, diabetes, kidney disease, and HIV combined. More than 88 times the number of homicides.

Each year, almost 1 million teenage women become pregnant

Nearly 4 in 10 teen pregnancies end in abortion 49% of pregnancies in America are unintended; half of those are terminated by abortion

24.5% of conceived children are aborted.

The majority of abortions are women between the ages of 20 and 24

80% of the women having abortions are single

Most abortions are performed in the first eights weeks of the pregnancy

More than half of all abortions are Caucasian women

I hope and pray that God will have mercy on our country in the face of the reality of abortion. But do we deserve mercy? Really? In light of God’s justice, love and holiness, we don’t deserve mercy. Just some thoughts about a topic that seems to get ignored as of late. My prayer is that God will show me what he wants me to do about this mass murdering of innocent children. What will you do? This is an issue that requires action; action on the behalf of small, helpless, innocent babies! Let us keep our eyes on HIM, as he will guide us and change our hearts and transform our minds. That is my prayer for the New Year. Thanks for reading.