OK, those of you who have been reading my blog of awhile have already heard my spiel about “Tummy Tuneup”. It is an excellent all natural way to relieve stomach upset IE nausea, indigestion, diarrhea , yeast infections, UTIs and general GI upset etc. I heard about it from a friend who praised its benefits! (thanks Beth!). I tried some and boy was I ever surprised! This stuff works! I had been fighting stomach pain and nausea for about 3 months and took some (3 times a day) and felt better within days! Last winter my daughter came down with a stomach flu. Before it got to the vomiting phase I dissolved some in tea, within hours she was no longer complaining of stomach pain or nausea! A few months ago my mom was taking a medication that caused her severe nausea, I had her take some before taking her meds and she felt no nausea! This stuff is amazing! It is a blend of probiotics (friendly bacteria) that attack the bad bacteria and calms GI problems! You can order it at www.beeyoutiful.com. It is a little spendy, but one bottle should get through the flu/cold season and beyond! It is totally worth the money! For my kids I break open a capsule and dissolve it in juice or tea. My daughter calls it “invisible medicine”.