Imagine getting a letter in the mail from the government offering condolences on your death? That would be FREAKY, huh? That’s what happened to Toni Anderson. She is dead (supposedly), according to the government; due to a clerical error. However, she is alive and well!

How did she “die”? Well, it was actually her husband who passed away. So, she went down to the Social Security office to inform them of his passing. This would be a little on the funny side if it weren’t for the fact that our government sometimes take it’s own sweet time to correct errors like this! To make things worse, she cares for her young grandchildren and needs her disability check and food stamps to help support them. But, because she is “dead”, the assistance has stopped. So, what might have been a funny story (albeit macabre), is now a frustrating nightmare! So, you can see why I chose this as Freaky Friday worthy! Click here to view a short video on the story.