Ahhhhhhh, I’m back at WordPress! I realized there is no perfect blog host. Although Blogger has some tools etc that I enjoy, when it comes right down to it I like the more professional, clean look of WordPress and the options it possesses. So, here I am again, right back where I started from. Sort of. I actually started blogging at Blogger, but switched to WordPress about 7 months ago at the encouragment of my blog-head husband. Now, we are both blog-heads. We both suffer from blog angst and regularly threaten to “dump” our blogs. Actually, my husband has “dumped” a few blogs and then started over again. In fact, just other night he came to bed and said “I hate my blog”. I can only laugh and I think that only true and genuine bloggers can fully understand this sentiment! Oh, this brings me to one more “housekeeping” point…I have a BIG announcement coming up! So, stayed tuned!