About 10 years ago, the Lord placed a burden on my heart for Muslim women. I was on a short term mission trip to France. Our main goal was to minister to North African Muslims, living in France. It was a life changing experience for me! The Lord used that experience to show me the desperate need that Muslim women have for Christ!

Muslim women come in all shapes and sizes. They come in all ranges of devoutness to Islam. Some Muslim women wear the veil and others do not. Some pray five times a day, and others do not. Some devoutly observe all the pillars of Islam and others observe as many as they can or none at all. Some Muslim women live in countries where they enjoy many freedoms and many others live in oppressive countries where they live in isolation, loneliness, oppression and despair. Some have kind, loving husbands who treat them with respect, while others have abusive, overbearing husbands. Whatever the lot in life for the Muslim woman, she is in desperate need of the freedom of the love of Jesus Christ!

Throughout the Bible we can see that women are highly valued by God! Jesus loved and respected women and addressed their specific needs. Jesus lovingly addressed the woman at the well, while also confronting her sin! He knew she needed love and forgiveness! see John 4:4-26
He denied no one! And he understood the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional needs of women. He accepted the sinful woman who anointed his feet. see Luke 7:36-50. And all he wanted in return was for her to believe in him! “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.” Was his reply to her. We also know that Jesus came to free the oppressed and enslaved. Psalm 9:9 The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” All these things are true for the Muslim women! The free gift of salvation is waiting for Muslim women, but they need someone to share it with them.

I could go on and on detailing the many injustices that Muslim women face. It is very real! Even here in the United States Muslim women are oppressed, isolated enslaved and abused. This is not just something that happens in far away countries like Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. About 9 years ago I attended a month long intensive Muslim ministry training program sponsored by Christar Ministries. Everyday we would go out into the heavily populated Muslim areas in the North Jersey area and seek to make friendships with Muslims. We encountered many needy Muslim women who were very isolated and longing for human interaction and ultimately for the love of Christ!

You don’t have to go over seas or across the country to find needy Muslims. You would probably be surprised to find many Muslims in your own communities and it really is not that hard to form life-long relationships with Muslim women! (let me point out that in Muslim ministry, women minister to women and men to men, for obvious reasons it is not wise for a man to try to befriend a Muslim women or vice versa.) Try finding a Middle Eastern market or restaurant in your community and frequent it! Also, try visiting your local Mosque…they will welcome you if you come as someone who is interested in Islam! (Do not be deceptive about this. Let them know that you are a Christian and interested in seeing how they worship etc. Whenever I have visited a Mosque, I have been clear that I am a Christian. Be careful to honor their wishes regarding women to be covered and modest and remember that women worship separately in the Mosque, often they will have a separate entrance for women!) My husband and I have had many interesting experiences and adventures at the local mosques in our area! Little did we know that we had visited one of the most militant mosques in the US! (but that requires another post!) My point is to try to interact with Muslims in your area and get the Good News out to them! Ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment for when to share the Gospel with them, to know when the soil has been properly prepared for the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Also, before embarking on your own personal ministry to Muslims try reading a few books on Muslim ministry. This will give a deeper understand of the religion and mentality of the Muslim! They are a complicated and fascinating people! Some recommended books are, “Answering Islam”, Norman Geisler. “The Cross and the Crescent” by Phil Parshall. “Building Bridges” by Fouad Elias Accad. “Daughters of Islam” by Miriam Adeney “From fear to faith: Muslim and Christian Women” by Cate and Downey “I Dared to Call Him Father” by Bilquis Sheikh “Lifting the Viel” by Phil and Julie Parshall.” and “23 Years” by Ali Dashti. “Guests of the Sheik” by Edith Warnok Fernea. The list goes on! This post is getting really long, so to sum up…let us develop a heart for hurting Muslims in our own communities and around the World! Pray for Muslims to receive Christ and for Christian workers around the World to reach them with the Good News of Jesus Christ! The future will hold more posts regarding Muslim ministry! God Bless!