This has been a hard winter as far as illness goes.  Around here it seems everyone has been hit with either a nasty cold or the flu.  Our family was hit about a month and half ago with a nasty bug; my 7 year old daughter suffering the worst of us.  Now, she is sick again.  Poor thing!  Actually, my husband and I don’t feel so well either.  Poor us!  But the intention of this post wasn’t to wine about how yucky I feel.   The sickness brought to mind a cute story about my daughter.   When she was about 4 years old she came down with a nasty cold and was sicker than a dog, so to speak.  One night I was holding her on the couch as she laid listlessly in my arms.  Now, I need to explain that my daughter is very dramatic.  As I was holding her she looked up at me with her sad, sick eyes and said to me…”Mommy, I don’t think I can live like this.”  It was soooooo cute and sad at the same time!  I assured her that all she had was a bad cold and she would feel better in a few days.  But really,  don’t we all feel like that when we are sick, like we will never feel “normal” again?  So, let’s all hang in through the remainder of this cold and flu season! Spring is in the air!