Some freaky fridays are funny, but sometimes they are sad and disturbing. This one falls into the sad and disturbing. When I first heard the story I thought it was funny. But after reading the news story on I felt a sense of sadness. You’ll know what I mean when you read about a lady who literally lived on her toilet seat! Officials do not know how long she actually sat on the toilet, but her boyfriend said she hadn’t left the bathroom in at least 2 years, but he couldn’t be sure. The poor women apparently had a phobia of leaving her bathroom. Apparently, also, is the questionable mental state of both the woman and her boyfriend. The poor woman had to be transported to the hospital with the toilet seat still attached to her derriere. Read the complete story here.  (thanks to AMG and my mom for the tip on this one!)
On a lighter note, here are some more freakies…check out this super flexible guy! Amazing! And don’t miss the pet bobcat that uses the toilet!

Too freaky!  Have great weekend!