Was anyone baffled by the last song sung on American Idol last night? If you didn’t see it, they idol contestants sang “Shout to the Lord” at the very end. Did some big wig at Idol accept the Lord or something? I’m not ready to say that Idol is a “Christian” show or anything like that; but I was pretty surprised and a little suspicious…I always am when a high profile show does something like that. Kinda like how so many Christians think U2 is a “Christian” band because they have a few songs with Bible verses in them. I guess my first instinct is to think it is a marketing/PR strategy(but why end with a Christian song and then throw in some bleeped swear words at the end???). Call me cynical. But does anyone know the scoop on this? (i’m not gonna waste too many brain cells on this one, it is just something to ponder ever so fleetingly…)