Most of you have probably already heard of the latest psychological disorder plaguing Americans, it, however, has just come to my attention!  It is called “Eco-anxiety”.  Yes, it is a new mental health disorder caused by anxiety over the deterioration of our environment (however real or imagined it may be).  My mom said she heard a very sincere psychiatrist talking about it on the radio the other day.  The doctor was very impassioned about her poor patients who were suffering from anxiety and depression due to distress over the state of our world’s environment.  Read more about it here and here.

Now, I am not in any position to say that this is not a genuine disorder.  In fact, I would not be surprised if these people were truly experiencing anxiety or depression over the environment.  If I were not a Christian,  I would probably be very vexed over the state of our world!  In fact, when I watch the news these days, I wonder how most pagans deal with all the immorality, death, killing and general spiraling out of the control that is happening in our world today!  I would probably be anxious and depressed too!  And as much as the media talks about global warming, who is to say that these people are not justified in feeling anxious; especially if they do not trust in the Lord and instead trust in themselves? 

The Bible says that things will sprial out of control as the Last Days draw near.  Things are NOT going to get better, they will get worse!  And for those who do not know that Lord, there is no hope!  But for those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, we see these signs and are filled with excitement and hope, for we know that the end of all things draws near.  Do we abandon the environment? No!  We work to be good stewards of the the beautiful creation that God has given us!  But as it wanes, we do not become depressed or full of anxiety for we know that there will be a new heavens and a new earth which we will enjoy with Jesus Christ forever!  I feel very strongly that this topic of the environment can be a spring board for evangelism to those around us who are truly distressed over this obvious downward spiral that our world is in!  Thanks for reading!