Okay, I was recently at social gathering where I mentioned that my husband works for an import car manufacturing company. I will not name the company my husband works for, but lets just say that it has a excellent reputation for making high quality yet affordable cars. Yes, they are a foreign company, but they make a large majority of their cars here in the US. Actually, they probably make more of them in the US than Ford or GM. Back to the party…when I mentioned that my husband worked for this company, several of the party goers immediately became indignant and said “We only buy American made cars.” First of all let me just say a resounding “GIVE ME A BREAK”!!! These same people who only buy “American made” probably just came from WalMart where they purchased all kinds of goods that were manufactured in China, Cambodia or the U.A.E. Are you seeing my point here? Sometimes people just infuriate me! What is the hang up with buying only” American made cars?” If these people want to be consistent in there belief to buy only American made cars, then they need to basically stop buying…period! The US has outsourced so much of our manufacturing they we are now hardpressed to find any goods that are genuinely American made. In our thirst for stuff-affordable stuff-we now rely on China to make most of the goods we buy at Target, WalMart, Costco, even your local grocery store! So, next time someone tells me that they only buy American made cars, boy are they ever gonna get an earful from me!!! Thanks for reading!