Last weekend my family visited a church. It seemed like a good church. Everyone was really friendly and helpful and welcoming. My kids liked their Sunday school teachers. I got a flower in honor of Mother’s Day and they even served coffee, which you could drink at your seat! WOW! I liked the pastor’s preaching style. He actually used his Bible and expected the congregation to do the same…I know, weird! Anyway, everything seemed to check out. But then, the pastor said something I wasn’t too sure about. He was preaching on qualifications for elders in the church. He came to the part where women cannot teach over men (which I agree with, after all the Bible does teach that). Anyway, he went on to say that the reason women can’t teach men is because they sinned first. Hmmmm, I perk up at this statement. Then he says that women can’t teach over men because we are more easily deceived. Huh? By the tone of my post you can probably guess what I think of this. But, I want to know what ya’ll think and why (like supply some scripture, not just gut responses). I’m excited to hear what you guys think about this statement. Are women more easily deceived than men?