The Whippersnapper(Obama) vs. Statesman(McCain), that’s what I think of when I ponder the 2008 Presidential race. At first my husband and I didn’t really know a lot about John McCain, but I have done some research and listened to him speak. And the more I read and the more I hear from him, the more I really like him! He is experienced, intelligent, patrotic, well-spoken, and most importantly he is pro-life! There are some issues I could compromise on, but with the pro-life issue, I just can’t compromise! Not only is McCain pro-life, but he is pro-family/marriage (meaning one man-one woman marriage), he is in favor of getting our troops out of Iraq, but not until they can come home victorious! I appreciate that he has military experience and can understand what are troops are going through. I also like that he has oodles of experience. He really does make Obama look like a whippersnapper! I have put a link to his official website in my blogroll so that you can do some research for your self!