I’ve gotten really lazy as far as blogging is concerned! It’s not for lack of ideas to blog about! I have a pretty big mental list of topics that I want to post on, but I’m just too darn lazy latey! Here’s some of my ideas…something about cellulite (the battle of the dimples), should Christians do yoga?, Sonlight’s semi-heretical author (popular home school curriculum who’s author is a reconstructionist), the evil Wal-Mart and how they and other box stores are ruining our country, can Christian’s vote for Pro-choicers?, and “Oot and Aboot”….and lots of other interesting and not-so-interesting topics. But who knows how long it will take me to get to all these ideas, and I’m sure that I’ll think of more things to write about which will overwhelm me even more!  For now I’ll just go enjoy the sun that I’ve waited so long for! Happy Summer!