OK, after much thought, research and gathering of advice, I have purchased a home school curriculum for my daughter! As I posted earlier, we have decided to embark on the homeschooling of our 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son! Our daughter will be in 2nd grade and our son will be pre-K. Thanks to my new friend and fellow blogger, Rebbecca, I have mixed and matched the curriculum that I will use to teach my daughter! Here it is…

Language: Abeka, Language, Level 2.

Math: Abeka, Arthimetic, Level 2.

Handwriting: “A Reason for Handwriting“, cursive

Spelling: “Spelling, Linking Words to Meaning“, by Steck and Vaughn. Level 2.

Science: learning about birds, basic observation of birds, crafts related to birds. Check out books at library related to birds. We’ll do this in the Spring.

History: Learn about Pioneers, visit Oregon Trail Museum, read Little House on the Prairie Books. Check out other books re: pioneer living. Various crafts and projects about pioneer living! We’ll do this study in the Fall!

Reading: Visit local library every 2 or 3 weeks to check out books which my daughter will read through on a daily basis!

At this age, history and science are considered enrichment, so, history and science will be once a week endeavor! Also, we are going to be involved in the First Class Home school Co-op in our area!

As I see how things go, I may teach my daughter french (I speak french). I purchased a workbook to augment her instruction: “IF” Elementary French, level 1.

My husband is going to teach her Bible once a week and she will have Bible memory work.

Ca suffit!!!