For as much as I complain about our government or our culture, I still love my country!!! After all, it is STILL the best country to in the world! I am blessed to have been born in such a beautiful land! For all it’s faults, I am very proud of my country!

As I write this, I am feeling pretty lousy…I have a summer cold! Which brings me to my next topic! It comes as no surprise that I am sick on this holiday! You see, our family has a way of being sick on major holidays! My husband was sick on the last holiday we celebrated…Memorial Day. And now, I am sick on the 4th! About a year ago, we were all deathly ill on Easter. And I think through the years we’ve all been sick on Christmas or Thanksgiving or birthdays etc…It seems that if a holiday is approaching, at least on of us comes down with something! I’m not complaining, just pondering this phenomenon. I know we are not the only family to suffer from “the holiday curse”. We had plans to go to the rodeo today, but they’ve been put on hold. If I feel better tomorrow, we’ll go see the bull riding. Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful and healthy 4th of July! Blessings!

BTW, today is FREAKY FRIDAY and boy do I have a treat for you!  Did you hear about the pregnant “man”???  We’ll “he” gave birth!  So, if this isn’t freaky, then I don’t know what is!!!  Here’s a short video!