Apparently Starbucks has felt the economic crunch as of late. If you haven’t heard, they are closing around 600 stores due to slowing customer flow. They are also going to try some tricks to get customers to spend more at the siren’s coffee stop. From a recent article I read, they will be offering free coffee specials to customers with special coupons cut from the paper and if you buy a beverage in am, you can get a price cut on a bev in the pm! Although, I don’t stop in at Starbucks on a regular basis, if I were to get a coupon for a free drink, I would certainly use it! But, it probably wouldn’t get me to spend extra cash there! I’m too cheap! My drink of choice at Starbucks is an Americano, which happens to be one of the most inexpensive drinks on the menu! I use to work at Starbucks (6 years to be exact) and I grew immune the flavored milky drinks; now I prefer a simple half-decaf Tall Americano (no room). Anyway, keep your eyes open for a coffee special coming your way at Starbucks! Read the article here!