Today’s Freaky Friday really doesn’t require much introduction…I think I’ve shared this before, a long time ago, before I switched to WordPress, so my new readers haven’t seen this (at least not on my blog).

So, here goes…need a new game for family game night? Here’s the one for you! Ta-Da! Joel Osteen’s game “Your Best Life Now–the Game”. One word for this! Freaky!!! Wait, another word comes to mind…BARF!!! If you ask me, this game pretty much sums up Joel’s philosophy and depth of ministry! YIKES! This guy is a piece of work! Not only do is overly white teeth freak me out (actually his teeth could be freaky friday post all their own!), but his uncanny ability to make money off of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only is this freakish, it is also scary, sad, and disturbing! Read more about his game here!  Did I mention it retails for only $19.95?  A steal!  🙂