I haven’t been tagged in awhile, but my friend AM, over at Just A Mom tagged me recently! Yippee! It is a music Meme! I am supposed to list 7 songs that are “shaping my summer”. Well, I thought long and hard about this! The only time I really listen to music is in the car. My favorite music station is AirOne. It is a Christian music station that plays “rockier” music, and they actually talk about the Lord…I know, weird! 😉 Anyway, any list of music that I listen to wouldn’t be complete without Jeremy Camp, so be prepared for the majority to be Jeremy songs! Ok here goes…these are in no particular order!

Call My Name, by Third day

This Is Home, by Switchfoot

By My Escape, Relient K

The Best Thing, Relient K

Take You Back, Jeremy Camp

Tonight, Jeremy Camp

Let it Fade, Jeremy Camp

Say Won’t You Say, Jennifer Knapp

Oooops, I guess that was eight songs…

I am tagging Candace and Lylah!