If you haven’t seen this series you must see it! It is an amazing movie which beautifully and honestly describes the life and accomplishments of John Adams, our  second president and one of the founding father’s of our nation. Paul Giamatti stars as John Adams and delivers such an amazing portrayal that you imagine he is John Adams (or who you would imagine John Adams to be!) The love story of John and Abigail Adams is touching and admirable! I appreciated the portrayal of Abigail Adams and what a intelligent and loving advisor she was to her husband. John and Abigail truly loved and respected eachother. As I was watching this movie I wondered what our founding fathers would think of the state our country and what their estimation of our leaders would be in their very capable eyes! As I watched this movie I was once again reminded at how strong, intelligent and full of conviction these men were! It will take a few evenings to see the entire series, as there are 3 DVD’s to get through, but it is very worth it! I highly recommend this movie! There are some graphic scenes that may not be suitable for young children, but overall, it is a profound and educational movie!