Now that the 2008 Summer Olympics are underway, it is easy to get caught up in the competition and pageantry and forget the horrible human rights record of China’s government, the host country of this Olympiad. I have written a few posts in the past regarding this issue. I am re-posting in an effort to keep this issue at the forefront of your mind and mine. Although it is fun to enjoy the Olympics (is Michael Phelps amazing or what?), but I just can’t seem to get out of my mind the many Chinese citizens who suffer everyday under the oppressive communist government of China. Yes, China has exploded economically and has made (superficial) strides at more freedom for it’s citizens. But, when it comes right down to it, the Chinese government is still extremely controlling of it’s people. Read on to get a basic idea of the human rights violations and atrocities that have been carried on the shoulders of too many innocent Chinese citizens.  I fear that once the Olympics are over we will all go back to “life as usual” and turn a blind eye to the suffering that Chinese Christians and even non-Christians are enduring.

Most Favored Nation?

President Bush has been urged to boycott the Opening Ceremonies of the Bejing Olympics in protest to China’s human rights policies. Finally, something is being done (however symbolic and after the fact it may be) in regards to China’s horrible treatment of it’s own citizens. I don’t think that China should have been awarded the Olympics in the first place (wow, something Nancy Pelosi and I agree on, who knew???). I know a reliable source who says that in last several months homeless people in China have been rounded up and taken to unknown destinations…in an effort to “clean up” the cities. From that same source I know that a woman was forced to abort her child in her 9 month of pregnancy because she had failed to secure a “permit” to have her child, and could not afford the bribe for the doctor! As a result, she plummeted into a deep depression and her marriage was destroyed. I know there are many so-called economic reasons for the US to continue trade relations with China. But where do we draw the line? The following post is something I wrote a while ago in regard to America’s trade relationship with China. Thanks for reading!

With China being in the news lately (toy recall and the 2008 Olympics) I’ve been thinking a lot about how economically dependent our nation is on China. We depend on China in ways that are downright frightening! Our country has basically out sourced all of our manufacturing to China, and as a result we have a trade deficit with China. That basically means that they import more to our country than we export to them. Of course American companies save millions in manufacturing dollars, but are they comprising quality and safety to the American consumer? More frightening than the loss of manufacturing jobs in America, is the “most favored nation” status that China enjoys with the United States. I didn’t really know what “most favored nation” status meant, so if you need a tutorial click here, here and here. Since this is clearly a political issue, I’ve included viewpoints from both sides of the issue.

More disturbing than lost jobs or trade deficits is the relationship that America maintains with China, a country that is clearly unethical in it’s treatment of its own countrymen and women. All of us are aware of the 1989 Tienanmen Square ordeal when thousands of Chinese students took to the streets in a futile effort to stand up against a communistic and totalitarian government. Thousands of innocent civilians were murdered by their own military. Of course we’ll probably never know the exact number of lives lost that day.

In keeping with China’s hard line communist government it controls and restricts speech, the media, religion, women’s rights, and general human rights (limiting the number of children a woman can have and lack of due judicial process). Read here for more detail on the atrocities and human rights violations that China enforces. A sad result of the “one child” law in China is the abandonment of baby girls, to read more about this heartbreaking practice click here. (I will write a post on this in the near future.)

When I think about the clear lack of freedom that Chinese citizens endure and the many human rights violations that China participates in, I am confused and bewildered at how and why this country enjoys such economic favor with the United States? Of course, I am not naive. I understand that greed plays a huge roll. Most American companies are concerned only for their bottom line. And let’s admit it, us American consumers love the low prices that are passed down to us. But, the line needs to be drawn somewhere. The last paragraph of the following article sums it up…

One day soon, Americans will wake up and realize that while they were going to work, voting, paying their taxes and coping with the cares of this life, their country was sold out from under them to a world dictatorship that cares nothing about their happiness or well being. It will then be too late to address the treasonous acts of American politicians who sold the country for their own profit. It will also be a fair recompense for a nation that has chosen its creature comforts over truth and righteousness.

For us Christians it is not so hopeless, we know that one day the Lord’s justice will reign and all the evils of the world will be uncovered and all will be made right and just! I am so thankful that I serve a faithful, just and fair God! Thanks for reading…


What can I do? What can you do?

Read an interesting post over at Radical Womanhood which deals with persecuted Christians in China and how you can personally encourage those who are suffering for the name of Jesus Christ!

Politically, I think that the best thing we can do is call our government representatives and ask to put pressure on China to reform their human rights policies and allow more freedoms for Chinese citizens!

Thousands of Chinese Girls Abandoned

I just recently wrote an article outlining human rights violations by China and how the US continues to do business with China inspite of these gross violations. While writing that post, my attention was drawn to the plight of little girls in China.

As a result of the one child law in China, there are millions (yes, millions) of unwanted little girls in Chinese orphanges. The following paragraph explains in better terms than I could how these little girls end up in below par orphanages and even mental institutions.

There are over 15 million orphans in China. Most are healthy young girls, abandoned due to China’s one child per family law. Although there are some missionary ran orphanages in China which are very good, most orphans end up in an institution with the mentally insane or in a state ran orphanage. Evidence shows that doctors systematically mis-diagnose mental illness in order to move children into mental institutions where they are literally neglected to death. (taken from here)

The conditions in many Chinese orphanages is deplorable. Baby girls, especially are at risk for neglect and even death. Read the following article to get a graphic idea of what precious little Chinese girls are being subjected to.

…However, medical records and testimony obtained by Human Rights Watch/Asia show that deaths at the Shanghai orphanage were in many cases deliberate and cruel. Child-care workers reportedly selected unwanted infants and children for death by intentional deprivation of food and water a process known among the workers as the “summary resolution” of childrens’ alleged medical problems. When an orphan chosen in this manner was visibly on the point of death from starvation or medical neglect, orphanage doctors were then asked to perform medical “consultations” which served as a ritual marking the child for subsequent termination of care, nutrition, and other life-saving intervention. Deaths from acute malnutrition were then, in many cases, falsely recorded as having resulted from other causes, often entirely spurious or irrelevant conditions such as “mental deficiency” and “cleft palate.” (taken from here)

It is obvious that China needs to implement some serious new laws and interventions for their millions of abondoned little girls. I am personally appalled that the United States government is not up in arms over this clear violation of human rights in China. Yet, our government continues to give China special treatment (most-favored nation status). Further, the world community rewards them by allowing them to host the 2008 Olympics.

As Christians, we possess responsibility to be the hands of Jesus and bring justice to the world in any way that we can. It seems like an overwhelming task, but I believe that we can make a difference. Awareness is the first step, which is why I am writing this post. Caring for orphans is clearly mandated in scripture. So, what can I do, you ask? Well, that is between you and the Lord! Ask him to direct your heart and mind and will. He will be faithful to show you what he would have to do for the precious little girls of China! Thanks for reading!

Here’s a link to Voice of the Martyrs for a list of persecuted Christian pastors who need your help and prayers!