Okay, I need to vent about this whole Sarah Palin thing!  I am soooooooooo sick of listening to the “unbiased” media ( I am being sarcastic here, we all know the media is far from unbiased) spew negativity about Sarah Palin!  At the moment I am watching the Palin interview with Charlie Gibson.  You can almost taste the disdain in Gibson’s tone.  It is obvious that Charlie hates Palin!  Yes, he, and all other liberals hate her!  I have never seen such blatant hatred and sexism toward a person.  It is disturbing and sickening.  I always thought the left was supposed to be “open minded” and tolerant??? Well, where is that open mindedness now?  Or tolerance?  I always thought the left supported working moms and embraced strong women?  Except for the obvious value differences (Palin being strongly pro-life, pro-family, against gay marriage etc…) I would think that liberals would absolutely love the idea of a female VP.  They loved Hilary, but now they abhor Palin.  It shows that the agenda of the left has nothing to do with tolerance or open mindedness…the left is just as closed minded as they have accused the right of being.

Back to the hatred…now Hollywood has gotten into the mudslinging (as if anything they say is even half way intelligent, ie P-Diddy and Matt Damon).  You can see the hatred in the eyes of these people.  I always thought the right were the haters?  At least that what’s liberals have often accused the right of being…hateful, narrow minded and intolerant?  Hmmm, I think we are seeing the true colors of our friends on the left.

Let’s talk about double standards.  Palin can’t be VP because she has 5 kids?  But Obama can be President and be a father of 2 young children?  Lets remember that Joe Biden lost his wife and child during his politcal career and no one said anything about his ability to lead.

It is understandable why the left dislikes Palin so much, she is strong, self-assured, intelligent and she doesn’t care about what people think of her (especially the media).  But, I am sick of the ridiculous straining to find something about her that will make her look bad to her supporters.  It is hypocritical for the left to now question her ability because she is a woman.

Well, that’s about all I have to say.  I know it’s random, but I am so sick of the blatant lies, half truths and twisting of truth.  I thought the Obama was a “different kind of politician”…well, he (and his supporters)have now stooped to the level of the dirtiest politicians (re: the name calling and sexist remarks he made about Palin).  But that’s another post!  It’s late.