The Argument Against Idiots: Joe Biden vs Sarah Palin

September 16, 2008 – 12:33 ET

How to win the argument de jour with logic and facts

The issue:

‘Joe Biden vs Sarah Palin’

What the liberal whiners say:

‘You conservatives are all tingly over this Sarah Palin, but there is no contest between her and Senator Joe Biden’

‘Joe Biden has 35 years experience in the U.S. Senate. Palin was a beauty queen runner up and town pastry chef in EarWax, Alaska!’

‘Joe Biden is a statesman. She can’t compare to Biden when it comes to those kinds of qualities’

‘The fact that John McCain picked a woman from EarWax, with 2 years experience running a state with about 600,000 people in it, shows his amazing lack of judgment’

Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

1. You got that right! Palin has energized the whole country. Biden generated all the excitement of a bathroom bowl brush. Sarah Palin is a true conservative who has taken on corruption in her own party. Joe Biden wouldn’t even condemn the attack on General Patraeus.

2. She was Miss Alaska runner runner-up. But she also served as a two-term city councilman and two term mayor in Wasilla, Alaska. And if we’re looking for change in Washington, why pick a guy who’s been there for 35 years?

3. Right. He was very statesman-like when he said that Barack Obama was the first, sort of bright, mainstream, articulate, CLEAN African American who was a good-looking guy and that, that was a fairy-tale, man! Or, when he told the Indian-American reporter that his state, Delaware, had a fast-growing influx of immigrants from India? And that you couldn’t go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts in his state without a slight Indian accent? Is that the kind of statesman you’re looking for?

4. Joe Biden thought McCain’s judgment was pretty good just a couple years ago, when he said that he’d be “honored to run with or against John McCain because I think the country would be better off”. Now that this wonderful “statesman” is running against John McCain, all of a sudden his good opinion of McCain has radically changed. Statesmanship or typical partisan politics?