As I was searching Google today, trying to find out more about Palin’s experience (because the liberal media would rather go on and on about how she has no experience…as if being the governor of Alaska doesn’t mean anything!) I found this amazing blog!  It is called Conservatism with Heart.  The blog owners header pretty much sums up her politcal ideals.  Read…

I am a strong, conservative, optimistic female voice in the political arena. I am passionate about my beliefs and not afraid to take a stand. I proudly defend what I think is right regardless of whether it is popular or not. I consider myself to be a Reagan/Rush Conservative who is a female version of Sean Hannity. My blog and radio show are my avenues to talk about the political issues of the day. Join me for the fun!!

Her current post outlines all of Palin’s qualifications and character traits that more than qualify her for VP of the United States of America!  I am so excited to read more on this blog!