This morning Kirk Cameron was on the Today Show promoting his new movie, Fire Proof.  Not being that impressed with Kirk Cameron’s acting abilities I was just sort of half listening as I puttered around the house doing my chores.  BUT,  one very cool thing that Kirk said has perhaps changed my opinion of him forever!  He was explaining that as a part of his marriage vows he ONLY kisses his wife (in case you didn’t know Kirk is a Christian!).  But, to add to that he said that even when acting he only kisses his wife!  So, in his new movie when there was a kissing scene between him and the woman that plays his on-screen wife, they had to do some creative filming so that he could kiss his real wife for the scene!  Yes, you guessed it, his real-life wife came in and did the scene with him so that he could remain true to his vows!  I am soooooooooooooo impressed with this!  Take a look at the interview here!