Glenn Beck’s: Arguments Against Idiots!

How to win the argument de jour with logic and facts

The issue:


What the liberal whiners say:

‘I hope you’re happy now! You whined and cried until the whole rescue deal fell apart! Now what, Mr. Oreo Cookies Double Stuff?’

‘We don’t have TIME! It was supposed to be done by Rosh Hashanah, or we would face economic apocalypse!’

‘Bush and his cronies have already lined the pockets of their WAR-MONGERING sidekicks, saw to it that their Big Oil buddies received $100 billion in just the last two years, and now…he won’t be happy until he’s looted every last penny out of the U.S. Treasury to reward Wall Street, while bankrupting MAIN STREET!’

‘Oh PLEASE! I read on Michael Moore’s blog yesterday, on the REAL reason for this mess! And it’s NOT the subprime mortgage crisis at all! It’s HEALTH INSURANCE! That’s right! If we had universal health insurance, people would have money to pay their mortgages, and they wouldn’t default on their loans!

Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

1. Well, now maybe we can come up with a plan that doesn’t burden GENERATIONS of Americans with an unpayable debt, OR, fundamentally change America?

2. I know, but today is Rosh Hashanah, the sun came up, the earth is still spinning, locusts haven’t descended, and now Congress is working on something that might not be UnConstitutional. There were 165 world renown economists, from Universities like M.I.T, Columbia, Stanford and Johns Hopkins that signed a letter BEGGING Congress not to pass that horrendous bill.

3. I certainly have my issues with President Bush, and even though he tried many times to reign in the big financial institutions most responsible for this latest crisis, it was the Clinton Administration, the Democrats-,especially Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Barack Obama’s own economic advisor, Frank Raines who are most responsible for this mess. Check out the New York Times article from September 30th, 1999, and it will fill you in on when the stage was set for this disaster.

4. Wow, it’s hard to argue with a genius like Michael Moore. But that’s one of the dumbest conclusions ever reached by a SUPPOSEDLY sentient being. You could also throw in big screen TV’s, cars, Christmas shopping, Halloween candy, a subscription to GLENNBECK.COM!!!!!…if you can’t afford the mortgage…DON’T TAKE OUT THE LOAN!!!!!