I just love Glenn Beck(in case you haven’t noticed, I just wish he wasn’t a Mormon!)!  I love the way he thinks and I love the way he wittingly jabs at dems and liberals!  Here again, are some winning arguments for those dopes, idiots, or whomever in your life!!!!   Read on…

The election is heating up and that can only mean one thing — the arguments made by idiots are heating up too. The slams on Palin are still out there, and while the media talks about them they refuse to cover Joe Biden and let him screw this up for Obama. Here are the winning arguments for the dope in your life that loves to hate Sarah Palin.

The issue:

‘Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden: Part Deux’

What the liberal whiners say:

‘OK please. By now even YOU have to realize that while Sarah Palin’s kinda hot, she CAN’T be allowed to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency?!?!?! I mean, put her poster up on your bedroom wall, but DON’T put her in the White House! She has all the intelligence of a bathroom bowl brush!’

‘How about her blatant lie about troop levels in Iraq returning to “pre-surge” levels? What a liar!’

‘As long as we’re discussing debate lies, Palin lied about Obama voting in favor of higher taxes on “families” making as little as $42,000 a year.

‘OK, if you want to vote for her after she says she has foreign policy experience, just because Russia’s on one side of Alaska and Canada’s on the other, go ahead!’

‘All right, Mr. Commie-baiter…why haven’t you talked about this…speaking of Russia…Sarah Palin actually attended college in MOSCOW?!?!?’

Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

1. Sarah Palin is actually very bright. In fact, during the debate, according to the “Global Language Monitor”, Palin spoke at a 10th grade level, Joe Biden…only 8th grade.

2. Yeah, troop levels have come way down, but they are slightly higher than pre-surge. I guess you didn’t mind Joe Biden’s flat out lie that McCain “voted the exact same way” as Obama on the budget bill that contained an increase on singles making as little as $42,000 a year? He didn’t. He voted the same way as Obama on an amendment to that bill, which didn’t have anything to do with increasing taxes.

3. There again, you have a point. Obama actually voted for higher taxes on single individuals making as little as $42,000. Also during that debate though, “average” Joe did challenge us to go with him “down to Katie’s Restaurant on Union Street in Wilmington or walk into Home Depot”, where he spent a lot of time, and ask anyone there about George Bush’s administration. Except, that would be really hard to do without a “flux capacitor” and a Delorean to travel back in time with. Katie’s went out of business 25-30 years ago. You might still be able to go to Home Depot with Joe and help him pick up a wrench for the plumbing repairs I’m sure he often handles after that long train ride home he talks about all the time.

4. Her foreign policy experience is limited…but so is OBAMA’s…and HE, is applying for President. At least she didn’t say she would meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions, and then lie about it, and then have her running mate lie about it. Biden also said that the U.S. spends more in Iraq in one month than it has in Afghanistan in six or seven years. He was only off by 2000 percent. And remember this line? “President Bush insisted on elections in the West Bank, when I said, and others said, and Barack Obama said, ‘Big mistake. Hamas will win. You’ll legitimize them.'” The fact is, Obama had only been in office a few days when the election took place, and there is absolutely no public record of Obama having said that. But maybe he said it to William Ayers, quietly in his ear, as they sat in a pew at Trinity United Church together, listening to Jeremiah Wright attack America?

5. Well, you got me there, she sure did. Moscow, Idaho. Where the University of Idaho is located.