I just started riding a motorcycle this last summer (in June), primarily because of gas prices; I’m using it as a commuter to work (17 miles one way), and has been great on the gas mileage (approx. 55-60 mpg). I thought I would attempt to express the thoughts and prayers that are typically running through my head as I ride ;-), here it goes:

. . . Dear LORD, please protect me from the maniacs I might encounter on the road today, please make me wise, shrewd, and able to react quickly when needed. LORD, I pray that person turning left out of that driveway (across my lane) sees me, and (concurrently) that the person turning left through the intersection sees me, and that they yield until I pass through, and (concurrently) that that teenage driver sees me before she pulls over and cuts me off—thank you LORD!

LORD, thank you for getting me to the freeway, this is a lot of fun! LORD, please let me ride with self-control, please give me the strength to not accelerate (unless needed for safety) from 0 to 60 in 3.78 seconds, please keep me from imagining that I am on a supermotoG course—thank you LORD ;-).

LORD, thank you, you got me to work, alive . . . I could give you my prayers while I’m at work, but that’s fodder for another post ;-). I start praying similarly again as I get off work, and start off for home . . . if you think about me, keep me in prayer as I ride my bike to and from work, thanks!

***It is an 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650r***