The issue:

So What if Barack’s A Marxist?

What the liberal whiners say:

‘That interview was from 2001, that’s 8 years ago! He was only 39 or 40 years old at the time!’

‘OK, so Barack Obama is a Marxist, so what? At least he’s not George Bush! What was so great about the last 8 years of Capitalism?’

‘Relax Mr Fatty Fat Fatso, Richey Rich man! You can AFFORD a little redistribution of your wealth!’

Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

1. And everything he has said during the campaing, including TWO WEEKS ago to Joe The Plumber, shows that he feels the same way today! Obama has marinated in Marxism his whole life, from his leftist mother, to his Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, to his Marxist professors and his Marxist theology, PASTOR. Obama is a believer in the ideology of Karl Marx!

2. Well, here we go, that’s what I was afraid of! The problem is Marxism doesn’t WORK! It’s been tried over and over again, and has never been succesful. If you’re hoping for more fairness under a Marxist/Communist Regime, let’s take a look at the suffering and misery in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia and Cuba over the years…just to name a few! Not to mention the number of their OWN people each of these regimes KILLED! Somewhere between 60 & 100 MILLION!

3. See, that’s ANOTHER of the big lies of Marxism. My wealth will never get to YOU. I GIVE, of my own free will, a large percentage of my income right now…to charity. Probably in the neighborhood of 20%. Do you know what percentage of his income Joe BIDEN gave last year? Less than 2/10ths of ONE PERCENT! Now, what happens with Marxism, and the Communist governments that carry out those principles, is that the government TAKES the money, enriches ITSELF, and the very elite ruling class, and the rest of the people wind up, NOT in the middle class…but POOR! In bread land cheese lines. THAT’S what’s wrong with Marxism!!!!!!