I haven’t done an “Oot and Oboot” post in a long time! So, I thought I’d put together a list of my favorite blogs and posts that I frequently read!  As you can tell, my blog has taken a decidely politcal turn as of late!  I am not turning my blog into a political blog (yet), but with the election and the state of out country and the world, I just couldn’t ignore the important issues that are glaring us in the face!  So, you’ll notice in this addition of Oot and Aboot, that I’ve included some great politcal blogs that have caught my attention!

First is Conservatism with Heart! I love Dee’s blog and her clarity, intelligence and commitment to the TRUTH!  Take a look, you won’t be disappointed! What originally drew me in was her commitment to defend Sarah Palin and get the truth out about her! Great job Dee!  Love your blog!!!  Also, check out Dee’s blog roll. It is pretty exhaustive and awesome!

Next, I have been listening to Glenn Beck a lot!  He is hilarious, smart and very informational!  He gets out the truth and does it with flare!  My husband and I listen to his show frequently and can’t wait for him to come over to Fox where he’ll be doing his TV show!!! YES!!! Love ya Glenn, you sick, twisted freak! 🙂

Next, is Born Again Redneck.  He also addresses politics and one such post caught my attention the other day!  It’s a little on the risque side of things, but it’s hilarious! I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it!

I also enjoy Gateway Pundit, Right Think, and Team Sarah.  Also,  I love Laura Ingraham! She rocks!  I like to catch her show on Fox!

Ok, now for a few non-politcal blogs!  My husband’s blog is amazing!  He is a Theo-blogger, his two blogs are:  The Stumbling Block and Recreated in Christ. My husband is a gifted writer and thinker.  But most importantly he loves the Lord!  You can tell that by reading his blog posts!  I love you my husband!  🙂

Next, is the Lylah blog!  She writes about homemaking and living simply with a view towards glorifying God!  I have the distinct pleasure if being friends with Lylah’s two beautiful daughters!  She did an amazing job in raising them!  Lylah is a gifted writer, lover of God and an all around great gal! Check out her blog!

Blessings in Christ!  Thanks for reading!