Happy Holy-Days everyone!  We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope an uneventful New Year.  I usually barely make it to mid-night, I give mybush_at_desk_reading_sotu_draft3 hubby and kiss and go to bed!  I am not a night owl! (my hubby on the other hand doesn’t usually hit the hay until 2 or 3 am!).  Anywho, I thought I’d do an “Oot and Aboot” for ya in honor of Christmas and our out-going President. The first link comes from an article written by Karl Rove.  Yes, the more I hear from Rove, the more I like him!. If you believed the hyper-liberal media that Bush is backward Texan, read this tid-bit and you will stand corrected…read!

Also, you NEED to read this article by Dee at Conservatism With  Heart! She has posted some great links to several articles one of which lays out the myth that Bush’s Presidency has been a complete flop.  Sorry to burst your bubble all you Bush haters!

Next, if you put up Christmas lights then you might be contributing to Global Climate change..sorry to rain on your green-bible1Christmas light parade!  Read here! And my husband might want to get in on this, for his Bible collection(if people actually read their Bibles they would understand how ridiculous this is!).  While you are at Right Think, add it to your blogroll, as Rivka always has insightful and well written posts which focus on politics, culture and current events.  I am soooooo glad I found her blog! 🙂

On another subject, my husband recently wrote a post on “Giving back”.  This is a concept that us Americans pride ourselves on, but I think we need to constantly check our motives when it comes to giving charitably.  Are we doing it out of surplus or is it truly a sacrifice? Are we doing it to make ourselves feel better?  Most people don’t “give back” until they can do it comfortably…is this how Christ wants us to give?  Read my husband’s post.

Last but not least is the economy, something we are all thinking about lately!  Over at Christ the Truth, is a very telling and fitting post which shows Americans praying over the bronze wall street bull!  Just shows the depth of American Christianity!  It sickens me. And another pitiful example of America’s perverted Christianity can be read about here!

There is a lot of doom and gloom in the world and it seems lately you can’t get away from it!  I, personally, wall-street-bullhave felt the burden of all the craziness in the world today.  Although it is scary, I know that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us!  He will always do the best for us!  It seems that things in the world are escalating, things are getting worse.  In a way this is exciting!  For we know that in reality, the Lord cannot come back until the stage is fully set, and it seems that he is setting the stage!  As Christians we are always to be looking expectantly for Christ’s return, so I do not apologize for being excited by things I see happening in the world today. I pray your 2009 is filled with expectancy for Christ’s return as we live this life.  Happy New Year and thanks for reading and as Sarah Palin would say “bless your hearts”!