During this past week and ending on January 20, a few blogs that I read are hosting “Bush-thank-a-thons”.  There are some great links and posts sept14bushfiremanbobbeckwith1that I recommend you read; especially if you depend too much on “drive-by media” for your news. Here’s an especially good post by Dee, which also has the full farewell speech made by Bush lastnight.

I voted for Bush (both times) and overall I am proud of the job he did.  After all, it is the most difficult,stressful, demanding job in the world. I think that most of us have been too hard on him. When you think of everything he has had to take on( 9/11 stands out), he has done an amazing job. (Remember the emotional speech he made after 9/11 at Ground Zero?)  I sure wouldn’t want to make the heart wrenching decisions that he had to make. In the last week I have heard and read some pretty rude, vicious and thankless remarks directed at President Bush. Even if you hate his guts, at least reserve some respect for the office of the President of the United States. Remember what your mother taught you; “treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Another point I’d like to make is that Bush did not act alone in making the decisions he made.  Remember that Congress (democrats) has had a huge hand in taking our country in the direction that it is headed.  It is incredibly naive to think that one can blame every problem in our country on one man and yet that is how so many are treating Bush.

I am thankful to President Bush because he did his best.  And even under vicious criticism, he was bush-withfiremenafter9-111gracious.  (I have to agree with Dee, over at Conservatism With Heart, that the only criticism I can think of is that he didn’t do a good enough job at defending himself against all the critics) He is hardworking, honest, loyal and passionate.  I truly believe him when he said that he “followed his conscience”.  What more can you ask for?  I will miss him.  And until you can take on the most difficult job in the world (and please everyone and make no mistakes), maybe you should show some grace and respect.  Thank you President Bush, you will be missed.