I just recently watched Expelled, a documentary hosted by Ben Stein which seeks to uncover the resistance that Intelligent Design Scientists have encountered at the hands of Darwinian Scientists.  It is an amazing documentary and I highly recommend that you see it.  Not only does it explain the failure of Darwinism, but also the wall that has gone up in relation to academic freedom.  In the scientific world, if one openly supports ID, they are viciously attacked and blacklisted.  Ben Stein brings his dry humor to this topic, but also intelligently addresses the issues and takes on “the powers that be” in the scientific world.  My husband just wrote a short post, you can read it here.

Take a look at the Expelled trailer to get a small taste of what this documentary is all about!
Once you have seen the film and understand the need for honesty and academic freedom you can sign the Petition for Academic Freedom.