OK, I’ve been working on a new blog called Conservative Warrior.  It is my  new political blog and I am excited about it!  The idea came from a friend on Face book who called me a “conservative warrior” and the idea came to me (and my hubby) that I should title my new blog “conservative warrior”.  The name may sound a bit militant, but that’s not what I am trying to convey.  Really, I am about as far away from being a warrior as anyone could get, at least physically speaking!  I am what you might call a “petite” person.  But, I think when it comes to politics one must have thick skin,  Sarah Palin articulated that after losing the Presidential election and she is right on!  Being interested and active in politics requires that one not easily be offended or take things too personally, and I think that is why I consider myself to be a “conservative warrior”.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my new blog!  Don’t worry, I am keeping this blog and will try to keep them both up to date.  Thanks for your readership, enjoy!