There is one book that has been on my reading list for awhile and I finally picked it up this last week. My husband reads very regularly and read this one quite awhile ago.  If you are a Christian and you live in America, you should read this book!  It is titled, The Search For Christian America.  I have read the first chapter and I already can’t believe how right on this book is regarding America’s  Christian heritage.  The christian-americaauthors of this book examine America’s “Christian heritage” and how it has affected Christianity in America and around the world.  It is examines the historical roots of America and helps the reader to answer such questions as:  How Christian is America’s Past? Was early America a distinct source of Christian values? What was the mix of Christian principles and baptized ideology in Puritan New England, the legacy of the Great Awakening, the American Revolution?  How much Christian action is required to make a whole society Christian? Is the “Christian nation” concept harmful or helpful to effective Christian action in society? and the list goes on!

There are so many juicy quotes in just the first chapter that I was almost salivating as I read it, I could hardly wait to share it with you!  So, if you want to read this with me, that would be great!  Here’s one great quote that I appreciated. In this quote the author states that in examining America’s past one should not totally negate the influence of Christianity in our society.

In making our case, we do not want to contend that Christian values have been absent from American history. On the contrary, we hope to show that there have been much commendable Christian belief, practice, and influence in the history of the United States and the colonies which formed the new country….We want to give due recognition to these positive Christian aspects of our history, for they have had a marked influence on the shape of modern American.  There presence, we agree, justifies a picture of the United States as a singularly religious country.

Another insightful quote deals with the idea that America is a special “chosen” nation by God.

“A third kind of question involves more theological considerations. Is it, after all, ever proper to speak of a Christian nation after the coming of Christ? From Scripture we know that Old Testament Israel enjoyed a special status as a nation under God.  Modern evangelicals differ among themselves over whether the modern state of Israel remains special as a nation to God. But regardless of how a Christian feels about the modern Jewish nation, is it proper ever to look upon the American nation as the special agent of God in the world?”

Like I said, I’ve have only just started reading this book. So, I will do a full review of the book when I have finished.  I strongly recommend reading this book if you want to be challenged in the idea that America is uniquely chosen by God and how that has molded our society and how that fits in with our extremely secular-humanistic society of today.  My husband also wrote a post on his blog about this book. Enjoy! Thanks for reading!