For those of us in the Evangelical tradition, we don’t hear much of Martin Luther or the Reformation.  But, in our family we are teaching our kidsMartin Luther about the significance of the Reformation and Martin Luther and it’s vital importance to who we are as Christians.  October 31st (Reformation Day) marks the day that Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the doors of the Whittenburg Church(1517).Our daughter attended a Lutheran school for Kindergarten and first grade.  While there, she was exposed to Luther while attending there and for that we are grateful!  Currently my husband is teaching both our children about Luther and the importance of the Reformation.  We think it is vital for Christians to understand Christian history and how it is important to us today!  Without Luther and the other reformers we may still be paying indulgences to the Catholic Church!

If you want to teach your children about Luther, there is a great book that my daughter’s teacher read to them.  It is titled “Martin Luther, A Man Who Changed the World” and is written by Paul Maier.  There is also an amazing movie which depicts Martin’s struggles to bring change to the Catholic church called “Luther” (I would not recommend this for small children, you may want to review it before allowing your children to view it.)  Enjoy!  And remember, October 31st is about so much more than costumes and candy!